Tuck Pointing


Over time, mortar joints become damaged and the most cost-effective action that can be taken is repairing of mortar joints by tuckpointing. Mortar, the main ingredient in tuckpointing, is the cement-type product that is used between bricks to hold them together and keep the weather out. Over the years, it becomes soft then it starts to fall out, a little at a time.The idea behind tuckpointing is that damaged mortar is removed and replaced with fresh mortar.  If you wish to restore or repair  If you wish to restore or repair mortar joints by tuckpointing in Chicago, simply contact our experts for inspection.


Tuckpointing Benefits


  • Tuckpointing will reinforce the structure of your brickwork
  • Defense against moisture and corrosion
  • After tuckpointing has been completed, brickwork will look like a brand new
  • Save money by taking care brickwork before more expensive damage will be formed

Masonry Restoration

The historical brick and stone architecture is an important part of Chicago’s beauty. The red brick walls are outstand as the most amazing structures. We do want to preserve the old walls and do not wish to replace them but they become fragile with time. Most of the people like the beauty of the wall and want to avoid cracking and water damage. Fortunately, most of the municipalities, business owners and homeowners preserve the grace and integrity of the walls and buildings. While making a decision for tuck-pointing and masonry repairs, it is important to select a team that has the expertise, skills and high quality products and equipment. Mr.Porch provides tuckpointing services which meet your satisfaction. Our team is able to complete any job regardless of any size.

Brick or stone home requires regular maintenance which helps the homeowners to preserve the beauty and strength of the walls. Even if the walls have strong base, they are susceptible to weathering and cracking.

We always recommend homeowners to follow a proactive approach for restoration and masonry repairs. Once the worn out brick cracks or the mortar gets eroded, it starts damaging the complete wall. The damage worsens if you wait longer. It is wise that the restoration process is taken up as soon as the damage of first brick is observed. Our team has expertise in restoring cracked masonry, crumbled mortar, cracked or eroded brick, crumbled chimney and efflorescence.

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