Tuck Pointing


Over time, mortar joints become damaged and the most cost-effective action that can be taken is repairing of mortar joints by tuckpointing. Mortar, the main ingredient in tuckpointing, is the cement-type product that is used between bricks to hold them together and keep the weather out. Over the years, it becomes soft then it starts to fall out, a little at a time.The idea behind tuckpointing is that damaged mortar is removed and replaced with fresh mortar.  If you wish to restore or repair  If you wish to restore or repair mortar joints by tuckpointing in Chicago, simply contact our experts for inspection.


Tuckpointing Benefits


  • Tuckpointing will reinforce the structure of your brickwork
  • Defense against moisture and corrosion
  • After tuckpointing has been completed, brickwork will look like a brand new
  • Save money by taking care brickwork before more expensive damage will be formed

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