Architectural Drawings

Architectural Drawings

We work closely with you and our architects to design a beautiful, functional, strong structure that easily passes all City of Chicago (or other municipalities’) building codes. Our blueprints are highly detailed, spell out building methods and materials, and speak to everything from the concrete footings to the steel supports to railings and elevations to the anchors, bolts, screws and wood we use.

Having detailed drawings also helps minimize any misunderstands when going from concept / design to execution / building.

We also offer 3-D renderings. Please click here:

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The Porch Specialist

At Mr.Porch, we strive to achieve the maximum usage of space as we are well aware of the increasing demand of homeowners of maximum space availability.  Whether you are getting your porch repaired or having a new construction, we have a number of design considerations that are available to suit any type of house or condo.

We believe in putting your ideas into implementation by arranging close collaborative set up. We welcome you and your architects at our design centers and decide the most smallest fittings and bigger ones as we believe in avoiding any sorts of confusion or misconception just from the start. Our experts keep a keen eye on new advancements and technologies that can enhance the construction process. With the unique and novel ideas of our team, you will surely get better porch than you have imagined of.

While keeping the aesthetics in mind, we cannot avoid the functionality and usefulness of the porch. We build the porch according to the demand of customer as some may demand for enough room for two cars while others might require having same space with one car. Instead of parking the vehicle, the customer may require the same space to be used for cabinets.

The porch specialists in our team are fully aware of the codes and violations. A project remains on stand-still until the drawings are approved. We keep track of the small details during construction and keep inspecting from time to time. We stand by our customer during the inspection and try to make the required changes at the earliest.


You can’t build a new porch without a permit! We do everything necessary to get your permit so that you don’t have worry about it. We complete and submit the necessary applications with the City of Chicago Building Department or your city/town/village’s appropriate department. Also, we take care of making all requested / necessary changes to get the permit. We’re also present at key inspections.

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