To ensure a better porch, we make our cuts accurate and clean, and we smooth / round all corners and edges on all upright posts, columns and steps. This is not required by code, but it sure makes your wood porch look great. It makes it a better porch, a Mr. Porch.


We take the time to place our boards with the grain upside down. This helps to prevent warping and extends the life of the wood. We also use top-quality wood with minimal knots, warping or other problems to give you a strong and great-looking porch.


Instead of using nail guns and nails (which goes five times faster), we drill and screw all wood together (except when using large bolts). This provides a strong bond between wood, make it easy to replace a damaged piece of wood in the future if necessary, and ensures you never see a nail popping up from the wood – which compromises your safety and the porch’s integrity.

We use triple-coated deck screws and hot-dipped galvanized bolts and hardware.

Focused on the Details of a Better Porch

European-style craftsmanship and attention to detail:

– Hot-dipped, galvanized hardware
– Simpson Triple Z-Max Joist Hangers
– Tripled-coated deck screws
– Rounded corners and edges on all upright posts, columns and steps
– Correct concrete footings (that include rebar and proper depth)



With the workforce whom has been trained and has uniquely mastered in the building techniques, we are able to provide structures which speak for themselves. We work on the mission to bring out the best in terms of design, quality and durability. Our team is focused on working till they are able to provide the outcome that satisfies our customers. We strive for customer satisfaction and this might prolong the work even if all the codes are met, as we believe in making happy customers. The building techniques employed by our team are unique and modern. Our craftsmen keep themselves updated with the new advancements in techniques and equipment. We employ whatever is the best and produce lasting results.

Precise cutting is the foremost step in building structures. While making cuts for our porches, we make sure that all the columns, posts and steps are smooth and round from all corners and edges. This is not a code requirement but really necessary for achieving excellence. The board placing technique which we employ avoids warping and increase longevity as we place the boards with the grains upside down. While using drills and screws, we drill and screw all wood together. The aim is to provide strength to the bond between the wood and easy to replace a damaged piece of wood in future. Similarly.

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