Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

All porches are built on concrete footings or retaining walls. We not only build new supports like this for new porches, but also repair these structures for existing porches. We know how to suspend and support your porch when we detach it from the structure we repair or replace, and set it back down on the new or repaired structure.

We build the forms and pour new concrete to create your retaining wall.

Retaining Walls


Building rock solid retaining walls for your porch for the first time is ideal. But sometimes the retaining walls are not constructed in the right manner. They might not be constructed with proper planning and expertise. At Mr.Porch we not only provide service of constructing new walls but we can also replace the old ones. We have people in our team who possess the right skill and knowledge of constructing attracting retaining walls which can handle immense pressure, stand firmly for decades, shrug the forces of gravity and be resistant to extreme weather conditions. Our team strives for a solid base, a properly functional drainage and the best material.

Besides stones and timbers, we also build retaining walls with plywood and trim boards which are pressure treated. Plywood enables the construction to be fast and simple. Depending on the soil conditions, the treated wood usually last for a decade or more. We recommend foundation-grade treated wood as it lasts for more than twenty years. Foundation-grade treated wood is mostly used for basements and is very strong softwood which accepts treatment better and retain the preservatives. Retaining walls will be bit expensive with foundation-grade wood but the most durable. We also make sure to use nails which have been rated for treated wood.

In addition to new construction, we also provide maintenance of the old retaining walls. We inspect the old walls and provide the best possible solutions. We plan and discuss the possibilities of repair and re-construction and our team is ready to start construction.

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