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If your roof has seen better days, don’t leave it vulnerable to all weathers. Roofs play an important role in keeping your property energy efficient. Leaving problems for a long time can cause them to escalate. Mr Porch guarantees that your roofing system will not only look great but provide effective security and weather protection year after year. Also, we offer a maintenance program that meets all required standards of manufactures companies. We cover everything from repairs to installations and much more, no matter what your roofing needs.


Mr. Porch provides residential roof replacement and roof repairs throughout Chicago. Roof is one of the most important features of the house and it should be protected against all sorts of extreme weather conditions. We use the best materials and provide excellent workmanship for replacing or repairing the roof. In case of roof replacement, we carefully inspect the roof area after removing of the old roof. Any signs of damage through water are noted and repairs are planned accordingly. While installation, we take extra care while fixing every component as our goal is that the house looks great and remains well protected for years. The experts in our team carefully select the high quality construction materials. Mr Porch strives for protection of your house against wind-driven rain, prevention from leakages and provision of ice dam protection. We select the asphalt shingle that match the style of your house and meet the needs in the required manner.

We also have storm damage specialist in our team. After heavy rain or storm, the specialists in our team carefully inspect the roof for and damage or leakage. The restoration or the repair work is initiated and done in the most efficient manner. Similarly, you can call us for restoring the old leakages and cover up the damaged parts of your roof.

Mr.Porch provides a wide variety of roofing for its customers. We have modified bitumen, thermoplastic, built up roofing (BUR), Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), aluminum coatings, spray foams (SPF), Architectural Sheet Metals, Polyuria, garden roofs, pavers, commercial gutters, clay tile and slates

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