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As the wood surface is exposed to sunlight, dirt, rain, snow or mildrew, it eventually destroys the appearance. This happens fairly quickly to unprotected wood. An important step in restoring wood decks is proper cleaning. Mr. Porch uses a wood-penetrating sealant, prolonging the life of wood within its first application.

Mr. Porch
recognizes what our customers need when it comes to wood restoration — which includes fences, wood siding, gazebos, play sets and more. Mr. Porch provides the experience and proven methods to serve all your wood restoration projects.

We use a transparent oil-based, penetrating sealant that containing a fungicide and mildewcide. It penetrates deeply into the wood fibers, replenishing the natural oils lost in the wood – thus minimizing wood rot, mold and mildew growth, cracking, splitting or cupping of the wood. (See Diagram).

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First – Before we start, we cover and protect the surrounding area – grass, other structures, concrete patio and any household items.

Second – We use our top-notch power-washer. Based on the type of wood, we determine and regulate the required water pressure.

Third – If requested, we use cleaner and rinse the wood surface prior to sealing.

Last – We rinse off the wooden surface.

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